Training on the application of VietGAP in on-sand shrimp raising

Training on the application of VietGAP in on-sand shrimp raising
To raise awareness and understanding of farmers in Quang Binh about the technique for shrimp raising under Vietnamese Good Agricultural Practices (VietGAP) standards, Rural Development and Poverty Reduction Fund (RDPR) organized a training course “ Guidelines for the application VietGAP in raising shrimp on sand” on 3rd March 13, 2015 at the hall of Hai Ninh commune People’s Committee Office. The training course is an activity of the project “Promoting the shrimp farming value chain and enhancing capacity for the Social Responsible Orientation Business Network," sponsored by ICCO Netherlands. 
The trainers of the training course are technical experts of Viet Nam Fisheries Technology and Services Center (FITES). There are 40 trainees who are local farmers raising shrimp on sand in Hai Ninh commune of Quang Ninh district, and Ngu Thuy Bac commune of Le Thuy district, Quang Binh province. 
The training course provides the basic knowledge of shrimp aquaculture in Viet Nam, the content of VietGAP standards, and how to apply VietGAP into raising shrimp on sand. The application of VietGAP for shrimp production will ensure quality and food safety, health and living conditions for aquatic animals, environmental protection, and social responsibility.
In coming time, the project will assist the building of two piloting models under VietGAP in Hai Ninh and Ngu Thuy Bac commune so that the local people can learn more experience and apply knowledge learned in the implementation of the models. 
These activities of the project are aimed at supporting the sustainable development of local shrimp production, and ensure environmental protection and benefits of consumers and the whole society. 

Author: RDPR