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  1. Mobilize and raise domestic and international financial sources under Vietnamese Laws to grant for its project programs.
  2. Receive and manage capital sources mandated or sponsored by domestic and international individuals or organizations to invest or fund for activities and missions performed through project.
RDPR operates with non-profitable purpose and conform the following principles:
  1. Self-reliance: Ensure all projects and activities supported by the Fund are self-reliant.
  2. Participation: Ensure full participation by local people, especially the poor, women and ethnic minority in decision-making affecting their life.
  3. Practicality: Final results of projects must meet daily needs of target community.
  4. Effect: Ensure to get the highest results with the lowest costs basing on firm foundation and develop self-mobilization capacity of capital sources in project and activities of the Fund.
  5. Sustainability: It is essential that projects and activities carried out in project areas by RDPR be orientated towards self-help and be sustainable and should not rely on future RDPR grants. RDPR’s target community who will be the beneficiaries must implement the activities and sustain them.