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Training to improve knowledge and skills in legal assistance for community legal consultancy collaborators.

On the 10th and 11th September, 2019, The Rural Development and Poverty Reduction Fund of Quang Ninh district (RDPR) organized a training course to improve knowledge and skills in legal assistance for the community legal consultancy collaborators under the project "Facilitating justice access to marriage and family, gender equality and prevention of domestic violence issues for poor communities and ethnic minorities in Quang Binh".

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The Seminar to Consolidate the Operation of the Key Farmer Network in Quang Ninh district, Quang Binh province

The Key Farmer Network of Quang Ninh district includes two networks in Truong Xuan commune and Truong Son commune. The network was supported to establish by Rural Development and Poverty Reduction Fund and Quang Ninh District Fatherland Front Committee in 2011. At the present, the key farmer network of Truong Xuan commune includes 7 groups and 42 members; the network Truong Son commune includes 10 groups and 52 members.

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Popularising the Decision 33 of the Government about resettlement for ethnic minorities

From 14 to 18 December 2010, 07 key farmer groups organised to popularise the basic contents of Decision 33 of the Government regarding the supporting policies for implemetation of resettlement for ethnic minorities in the period from 2007 to 2010 at the villages of Truong Xuan and Truong Son mountainous commune.

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Training course about grassroots ordinance for people’s inspection boards

From the end of September, 2010 to present, RDPR combined with District Fatherland Front Committee to organise five training courses about grassroots ordinance for people’s inspection board and supervising board on community investment of 11 communes in the district including Vinh Ninh, Van Ninh, Lương Ninh, An Ninh, Hien Ninh, Truong Son, Truong Xuan, Xuan Ninh, Vo Ninh, Tan Ninh and Quan Hau Town.

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Regular meeting of core farmer groups at Truong Son commune

Recently, at Community Training Centre, core farmer groups of Truong Son commune organized a regular meeting to evaluate its operation results in the third quarter and deploy the mission in the fourth quarter.

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