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Projects/Programes Duration Project Area Sponsor
“Supporting for approaching and effectively use of forestland for Van Kieu poor ethnic people in Quang Ninh District“
  • Improving capacity of the community in FLA policy
  • Organizing participatory policy advocacy in FLA
  • Supporting for household scale planning and implementing model for sustainable use of forestland
  • Building supportive systems for local forestry development
From  7/2012 to  6/2015 Truong Xuan and Truong Son commune Inter-Church Co-operation Organisation
Grassroots Consultation on the Draft Revised Land Law
  • Organizing meetings for the people in villages
  • Interview officials of communal and district level; enterprises.
  • Organizing provincial final workshop
01/2013 Quang Ninh, Tuyen Hoa, and Bo Trach district Oxfam
Enhancing the approaching capacity to agricultural and forestry policies for the poor Van Kieu ethnic people
  • Propagandizing to improve the awareness and knowledge for community about agricultural and forestry policies
  • Support for farmer networks and CBOs to provide agricultural and forestry services in order that community will use effectively and receive fully the benefits brought by the policy.
  • Training to improve the capacity, promoting the implementation of policies and understanding of law knowledge for policy implementing officers, grassroots officers and RDPR’s officers.
From 7/2009 to 6/2012 Truong Xuan and Truong Son commune