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Effectiveness of revolving capital- broom production group of Van Kieu ethnic women in Truong Xuan commune.

Posted at: TUEsday - 17/09/2013 10:30 - post name: admin
Truong Xuan commune and Truong Son commune are mountainous site with difficult conditions, located at Quang Ninh district, Quang Binh province. The communes are homeland of Van Kieu ethnic people, accounting for 58 % of Truong Son’s population, and over 28 % of Truong Xuan. Poverty rate in both communes is high, over 50 % of total households, which is mostly poor ethnic Van Kieu. In support of Van Kieu ethnic people for economics development, Rural Development and Poverty Reduction Fund (RDPR) has formed many revolving capital groups in villages.
The groups have gained positive effects in providing timely initial capital for households to expand their business, production, create jobs for women in their fee time, so contribute to improving household economy for 2 years in these communes.
In particular , among  these groups, revolving capital- broom production group of Van Kieu ethnic women in Truong Xuan commune have just founded more than 3 months ( from February, 2012), but it’s one of the best groups. Their production are brooms which made from tiger grass.
The revolving capital- broom production group have 10 members. All are women in Hang Chuon village and Truong Nam village, 7 members are Van Kieu ethnic people.
The group is supported initial capital, 10 million VND by RDPR. Within 3 months, the group has bought 550 kilograms of tiger grass and made 906 brooms. The rest of tiger grass in stock is 100 kilograms. Unless the cost of production , the profit  is 5.5 million, the average income is 500,000 VND per member.
The group often organizes regular meetings, the members can share their experience in broom production, exchange informartion about prices and supplies, plan production and trade, resolve difficulties of members and the whole group.
Currently, some other women in these villages also are expected to take part in the group. Thanks to good quality of brooms, the trade of this group is easy and favorable, and the group have received many orders from dealers. Mrs Vo Thi Che, the group leader said that at the moment many members are happy with achieved results, so they are eager to plan for buying more tiger grass and  expanding their production scale in coming rainy months.
Income from broom production is not much because of small production scale, but this group have created  jobs for women in their freetime, and contribute into their family income, especially for Van Kieu ethnic women in moutainous communes.
Author: Ngo Thi Khanh Ha