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Building Water Supply System at Khe Rung ethnic minority village, Thuong trach commune

Posted at: MONday - 30/06/2014 14:04 - post name: admin
The project “ Building water supply system for Khe Rung ethnic minority village, Thuong Trach commune, Bo Trach district, Quang Binh” is conducted by RDPR from January 2014 funded by Australian Embassy. The works include a water reservoir with filtration systems, a plumbing system over 1.000m, a cisterns with valves. In the process of the construction, because the spillway area used for the reservoir is located deep in the headwater streams without any road, the transportation of construction materials is very difficult. The project has mobilized local workforce to carry each bag of cement, sand, steel into the stream to build the spillway to retain water to the village. Until June 2014, the works is completed and put into use.

Khe Rung village, Thuong Trach commune, Bo Trach district

The cisterns built in Khe Rung village 

Khe Rung is a difficult mountainous of Thuong Trach commune with 12 households and 58 people. All of them are Macoong ethnic minorities. Local people previously had to use water resource from streams away from the village about 200m. However, in the summer, it is more difficult when the streams dry, local people had to overcome 1 km of forest road to come the headwater streams for domestic water. Since the water supply system is built, the local people have clean water at the village without worries of dangerous forest roads for taking water.  The works also contribute improved sanitation conditions, and water resource for local agricultural production.
Author: RDPR