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Charitable Board of Quang Ninh District Rural Development and Poverty Reduction Fund (RDPR) implemented the relief activities for the flood victims.

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After a period of preparation, on 11.26.2016 the Charitable Board (under RDPR) implemented the relief activities for the flood victims in the two last floods happening October and early November this year in Quang Binh in collaboration with Tu Bi Foundation located in Texas - United States. The relief activities were funded by Tu Bi Foundation.
197 sets of new textbooks from grade 1 to grade 5 were given by the Mission to 197 students in Canh Hoa Primary School, Canh Hoa Commune, Quang Trach District, Quang Binh Province. Also, two drinking water filters were installed here to provide fresh drinking water to the students here.

Hỗ trợ tại Trường Tiểu học Cảnh Hóa
                                  Relief activities in Canh Hoa Primary School

In Châu Hóa Commune, 215 the warm clothes and 2150 notebooks were given to 215 students in Chau Hoa Primary School.  One drinking water filters was installed at the school and 1 bike for 1 poor teacher here.

Trường tiểu học Châu Hóa
                                   Relief activities in Chau Hoa Primary School

Then, the Mission visited Chau Hoa Secondary School (Chau Hoa Commune, Quang Trach District) to give 310 the warm clothes and 3100 notebooks to 310 students here, and 3 drinking water filters to the School as well.

Trung Học Châu Hóa
                                  Relief activities in Chau Hoa Secondary School 

On the way, the Mission also visited Chau Hoa Kindergarten and support 3 drinking water filters to the School. 3 electric cooker, 62 blankets and 62 sleeping mats were given to students.

Mầm non Châu Hóa
                               Relief activities in Chau Hoa Kindergarten 

Finally, the Mission supported 200 gifts (each worth 250,000 VND) to 200 poor households in Uyen Phong village and Lac Son villages (Chau Hoa Commune) to buy seeds of rice, corn and beans.

UBND xã Châu Hóa
                                          Relief activities in Chau Hoa Commune

The total value of the fund in the two communes is 336 million VND.
Like the previous supports, the fund is small but contributes to solving current difficulties and meets the practical needs of the poor people after the flood. 
Author: BBT-RDPR