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Porker raising model at Khe Cat village

Posted at: SATurday - 22/12/2012 10:24 - post name: admin
Starting with two Van Kieu households at Khe Cat village who were supported by RDPR to implement the porker raising model, now these models develop in entire village.
Households in the village develop the model in the family scale from one to five porkers per household.  Mr. Ho Van Bien is one of the household who implement successfully this model. He invested to raise two porker farrows with 3 to 5 porkers per farrow and get an income of 15 million VND per month. Besides, he builds houses for raising castle and cultivating other vegetables and crops to increase his income.
In 2010, RDPR supported for implementing sow model at Khe Cat village for household of Mrs. Ho Thi Phi and Mrs. Ho Thi Thach. Thanks to follow the technique procedures, their sows grow up quickly and provide the breeds for other households in the village and bring a good income for them.