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The establishment of the social responsible orientation business network (SRB Network)

Posted at: MONday - 05/01/2015 17:34 - post name: admin
In order to establish a voluntary network for enterprises and organizations having the same interest in the field of communities, microfinance, development of value chain for local products, VietED Foundation, Rural Development and Poverty Reduction (RDPR) and Vinh An Company co-founded the SRB Network.
The conference about the establishment of the SRB Network is conducted on 17th October 2014 in Dong Hoi city, Quang Binh province. The leader representatives of the  organizations and ICCO organization which is the donor of some activities of the network participated in this conference.  
Mrs Dinh Anh Tuyet – the network chairman is introducing about the SRB Network. 
 At this conference, the organizations discussed and had a final agreement on the vision, mission, principle and operational structure of the network. They also planned  for activities of the network for 2014. 
Vision: “Our operation carries the social responsibility that contributes to the eradication of hunger, poverty and inequality”.
Mission: “SRB Network is committed to become one of the leading networks in Vietnam, mission of the social responsibility to support community organizations, particularly small and medium enterprises; committed to work with the low-income and women in a long run to improve their living standards and social values by supporting the development and maintenance of some product value chain to help the inhabitants to acquire a sustainable and efficient livelihood. “
According to the plan agreed, in the two last months of 2014, the network will conduct some activities on enhancing capacity for organization members and holding seminar-fairs. The members will be trained on value chain, microfinance and social responsibility, MIS system, WEB and source code. The seminar-fair will be hold for commercial connection through brand building, management and development with community organization in Vietnam.
The representative of organizations members and ICCO donor
In coming time, the network will be widened on the number of members which are organizations or enterprise having the same passion in order to strengthen the power of the network and  together contribute better to society and community. 
Author: RDPR