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Review Workshop of the Sow Breeding Model for Van Kieu Ethnic People in Truong Xuan Commune

Posted at: SATurday - 22/12/2012 10:32 - post name: admin
In 2011 Rural Development and Poverty Reduction Fund(RDPR) in collaboration with Quang Ninh Agricultural Encourage Station implemented the sow breeding model in Khe Ngang , Khe Day, Lam Ninh Mountain Village of Truong Xuan Commune. After 11 months of implementation, the model has gained positive results. To assess, draw lessons from the model and recommend expanding the model in community, on April 12, 2012, Quang Ninh Agricultural Encourage Station, the consult of the implementation of the model, coordinates with Development Board of Truong Xuan held the workshop to assess and summary summative the model.
Attending the workshop included representatives of Quang Ninh Agriculture and Rural Development, Agricultural Encourage Station, RDPR, Truong Xuan Development Board; the head of Khe Ngang, Khe Day, Lam Ninh , 6 ethnic Van Kieu farmers  and many ethnic people belonging to  the project .
The project supported technical training on sows, seed and food support, technical consultant at households with hold hand-point- work form in each development period of the sows, from gilts to calving and raising piglets. Up to now, the sows of four farmers gave birth. On average each sow gave birth to eight piglets. The model of Mr. Ho Van Nam is the first one having 10 piglets sold to other farmers in Lam Ninh Moutain Village with the income 15 million dong. The farmer is preparing for insemination next litter.
At the workshop, farmers shared techniques and experience in breeding sow and draw the lessons  to overcome difficulties and  limits in the implementation process  of the model at villages.
The workshop assessed the efficiency of sows breeding model for Van Kieu people. The project directly has helped the Van Kieu poor farms have additional revenue to improve their family’s life. Especially the model has an impact on awareness of new farming methods applied techniques and provides seed sources in place for people  in remote areas of Truong Xuan Moutain Commune.
With the success of the project, the leaders in Truong Xuan had the guidance for  Truong Xuan Agricultural Encourage Association and  Women Association, farmers  in propagating the model and also gave policies in supporting the development and  replication the model  for other villages in remote areas in the near future.