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Workshop on Comment about Long Dại River Research Report

Posted at: MONday - 15/04/2013 09:40 - post name: admin
On April 27, 2012, the workshop “Comment about Long Dại River Research Report” was organized successfully by Quang Ninh Rural Development and Poverty Reduction (RDPR) at Quang Ninh District Political Training Center.
The workshop objective is to receive comments of local leaders and other provincial and district specialized departments about the Long Dai river research report. The report is made by RDPR with funding from Global Greengrants Fund (GGF) .The workshop is also to raise awareness of participants on the benefits brought by the river for people living along the river and warning of  impacts to the environmental river, including hydroelectric power construction . Research activities and the workshop aim to urge people to protect Long Dai river environment to be “ intact”.

Long Dai River
At the workshop, there were Quang Ninh district leaders including Mr Hai Chau  Tran- Provincial Party Committee member- Quang Ninh district Secretary , representatives of district departments, representatives of the Long Dai riverside villages  such as Truong Son, Truong Xuan, Hien Ninh, Ham Ninh, Quan Hau and representatives of  people living along the river. Especially Mr Huan Le - Quang Ninh former chairman attended and shared his presentations on the development potential of ecotourism operators on Tam Lu waterfall (belonging to Long Dai River). The provincial representatives included Department of Environmental Protection, Department of Aquatic Resources Exploitation and Protection, Department of Irrigation. Ms. Thu Suu Lam- coordinator of Viet Nam River Network at Central area also attended the workshop. 
At the workshop, the representatives of the provincial State management agencies shared information through reports on risk issues affecting Quang Binh rivers in general and Long Dai river in particular. Environmental Protection Department presented "Overview of rivers in Quang Binh province and the risk of polluting the rivers” emphasizing on main reasons of Long Dai River pollution such as untreated waste water, mining without applying treatment technology, landfills degradation, wastewater from markets, hospitals, schools The representative of Aquatic Resources Protection Department presented risks of impact on aquatic resources in Quang Binh Province. Irritation Department focused more deeply on the effect specs of hydropower construction on Long Dai River.

The focus of the workshop was the report of the research on Long Dai river. It is presented by Mr Mau Tai Pham - RDPR director, head of the research. The report describes the reality of the role and benefits of Long Dai River in livelihood activities, transportation, cultural life and social relations of riparian communities, especially poor and ethnic minorities. It analyzes and forecasts direct and indirect impact to the conditions for sustainable socio-economic development, environment, natural resources and culture of the communities along the river in case of dam construction at river upstream .Especially, the research stated the views and recommendations to contribute to the managers and local authorities on aspects related to sustainable development of Long Dai river basin at the present and in the future.

 The workshop

The research report has received additional contributions opinions of the representatives. There were some suggestion on measures to protect the river environment through implementing advocacy work, building a green corridor along the river to prevent erosion and flooding; taking advantage of steep topography; currents and beautiful rocky shores of the river to develop eco-tourism, community tourism to develop sustainable economic for people living along the river. There was need to treat violation of fishing by destructive measures. Especially the representatives did not agree with the construction of hydroelectric power on Long Dai River due to possible risk to environment and local society. They had proposals about implementation of hydropower construction: there were need to continue to have a more complete study of technique, topography and geomorphology, social impact and have the participation of stakeholders in the process of construction projects.

This workshop has helped raise awareness for the local management and concerded organizations , give them more detailed information about the benefits of Long Dai River for the life of people and the reality of threats to the environment river, especially  when hydroelectric power are built.
The workshop has received a high consistency of local authorities manager , concerned organizations , local people have the same voice in  river protection, especially from of hydroelectric power construction and  preservation of the natural beauty and cultural beauty of riverside residents.